The nutritional value of beef jerky

Beef is a type of iron-rich food that helps to replenish blood for the body. In addition, minerals in beef also help in muscle development and many other effects. Likewise, dried beef, which is prepared from traditional spices and heat-treated for a long time, has a delicious taste that is easy to eat while preserving the natural nutrition of fresh beef. In beef jerky contains a lot of nutrients which are mainly protein, about 27% protein in lean beef.

Protein is very good for the body, it contains 8 essential amino acids that help provide nutrition, impact the growth and maintenance of our body especially for children or pregnant women. Beef is also used by athletes in their daily diet to get enough nutrients for competition or to help develop and regenerate muscle tissue. – In beef is high in fat, beef can be used to provide and store energy for the body very well. Vitamins and minerals are also abundant in beef, with the main substances such as: Vitamin B12, Zinc, Iron, Selenium, Niacin, Vitamin B6 …

These substances help the body maintain and grow the body, Vitamin B12 provides important nutrients for blood formation and brain function as well as regenerating the nervous system, B vitamins like Vitamin B6 are very important. important in the formation of blood, other minerals are good for the heart. Because of such diverse benefits, beef in general and dried beef in particular are trusted by many families. Especially because of the convenience of dried beef, it is also a meaningful gift during Tet or on outing occasions.